PARTNERSHIP: Kronos to come onboard as an institutional borrower on BridgeX Network

A warm welcome to Kronos for coming onboard as an institutional borrower in the BridgeX Network community. Through BridgeX Network, Kronos can obtain liquidity without sacrificing the upside of their crypto-collateral, leverage their positions in bullish markets, borrow to short the market and hedge their cryptocurrency portfolios. Together with the existing lenders, this partnership with Kronos brings us a step closer to provide for a dynamic 2-sided loans marketplace.

About Kronos

Kronos traders bring more than a decade of successful trading experience at the world’s best performing hedge funds such as Citadel (USD$30bn) and Tower Research (USD$1.7bn) to democratise access to the quantitative hedge fund space.

Their core series of actively managed & high Sharpe funds are now launching with robust returns even in this crypto winter.

Hedge fund investors can now enjoy almost instant liquidity thanks to the Kronos dual utility and security token structure.

Furthermore, Kronos is standardising track record verification using blockchain technology, resulting in an instantaneous and chargeless process — announcement to come shortly.



About BridgeX Network

The BridgeX Network is a financial ecosystem framework, built on a proprietory technology core, that bridges the worlds of cryptocurrencies and fiat.

We provide decentralised credit, conversion and payment solutions between crypto and fiat currencies, allowing unprecedented interoperability. These create a unifying platform for both fintech-blockchain and traditional financial companies to participate in this new economy.

By allowing third-party distributed apps (DApps) to integrate, we truly unlock the exponential power of the BridgeX Network; partners can offer innovative services to solve real-world financial needs of the network’s international user base.

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