Partnership: CENTRAL CAPITAL VENTURA to come onboard as a lender to provide liquidity to the BridgeX Network

Central Capital Ventura (CCV), a corporate venture capital firm is coming onboard to be an active lender in the BridgeX Network community. This synergy opens new doors for borrowers within the secure and rewarding BridgeX Network platform, creating an avenue which increases liquidity in the marketplace and seamless interoperability in the crypto world.

About Central Capital Ventura

Central Capital Ventura (CCV) is an early stage corporate venture capital firm committed to investing in and working hand-in-hand with daring entrepreneurs striving to define the future of financial services.

Being a 100% owned fintech subsidiary of Indonesia’s largest private bank, Bank Central Asia (BCA), CCV’s goal is to leverage synergies and entrepreneurial innovation in order to support Indonesia’s growth.


About BridgeX Network

The BridgeX Network is the framework for a financial ecosystem of decentralised credit, conversion and payment solutions, enabling crypto-to-crypto collateralised lending and borrowing, crypto-to-fiat currency conversions and cross-border payments. In enabling both 1) open access to credit and 2) access to the traditional world of fiat, the BridgeX Network aims to solve 2 of the biggest issues in the cryptospace in a unified fashion by delivering 3 compelling and synergistic cash management solutions within a single ecosystem and platform.

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