Fenbushi Digital is BridgeX Network’s new Investor

We are excited to announce that Fenbushi Digital is coming onboard as BridgeX Network’s new investor!

Fenbushi Digital is a division of the prolific Fenbushi Venture Capital, and is the first Chinese venture capital firm that exclusively invests in blockchain-enabled companies. Their mission is to reshape and accelerate the future of the blockchain economy by supporting great ideas in these disruptive technologies.

Led by a team of the earliest and most influential blockchain pioneers, their core principles lie in supporting novel projects backed by dedicated teams with the perseverance to lead their projects to fruition. Some of the company’s other notable partnerships include TenX, Kyber Network, and Airbloc.

Similar to Fenbushi Digital, BridgeX Network aims to reshape this industry by providing an ecosystem for businesses to connect on the decentralised economy. Our infrastructure for credit, conversions, and payments allows any business to provide fully-integrated credit transfer and crypto-to-fiat conversion services to their customers.

With Fenbushi’s support and our commitment to provide for a vibrant and efficient 2-sided loans marketplace, we look forward to bring about positive and disruptive changes in the blockchain world.

“We’re extremely excited to have Fenbushi as a strategic investor. BridgeX Network seeks to empower crypto holders with the seamless access to fiat currencies through the financial ecosystem we are building. We believe Fenbushi coming onboard will help propel us forward and bring unprecedented changes to this space.”
– Jody Ong, CEO of BridgeX Network.

For more information on Fenbushi Digital, check out their website at https://fenbushi.digital/.

About BridgeX Network
The BridgeX Network is a financial ecosystem framework, built on a proprietory technology core, that bridges the worlds of cryptocurrencies and fiat.

We provide decentralised credit, conversion and payment solutions between crypto and fiat currencies, allowing unprecedented interoperability. These create a unifying platform for both fintech-blockchain and traditional financial companies to participate in this new economy.

By allowing third-party distributed apps (DApps) to integrate, we truly unlock the exponential power of the BridgeX Network; partners can offer innovative services to solve real-world financial needs of the network’s international user base.

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